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A human biological specimen can be any material that originates from a human. It can be solid, such as a tumour or skin sample, or liquid, such as blood, plasma or urine. Human biological specimens are also often referred to as biosamples or biomaterials. Central BioHub is the largest online marketplace of Human biospecimens. It has more than 800,000+ active Human Biological samples as standardized units.
A biorepository is a place that collects, stores, and dispenses biomaterials. It contains individual biological samples and their associated data. At Central BioHub, our supplier’s samples are kept in industrial freezers at the correct temperature and protective environment to ensure longevity and perfect preservation of the samples.


Researchers, Scientists or Businesses within academia, the invitro diagnostic industry, and pharmaceutical or biomedical CROs can all order our samples. Central BioHub conducts a Buyer authentication process before fulfilling each order.
Central BioHub is an online marketplace that connects scientists with biospecimens suppliers across the world. Our endeavour is to make the biospecimens procurement process easy, fast and compliant.
All our samples are sourced from authenticated and trusted suppliers. Central BioHub always ensures to provide high quality biospecimens that are verified and accompanied by their clinical and laboratory data.



Buy Human Biospecimens Online with Central BioHub: World’s Largest Biospecimen Marketplace

For over 3 years, Central BioHub is connecting Scientists, Researchers & Biospecimen suppliers to deliver the need of biosamples in research and development projects. Central BioHub was established in 2017 and patient samples with comprehensive clinical data were among the first inventory that we were doing. From there, the company grew to what it is today including the current biospecimen options that feature the choicest COVID-19 samples, Panels, Infectious Diseases Samples that are available online to book hassle free. Central BioHub is now having numerous biosamples provider across the globe. Along with the widest distribution network, our strong online and physical presence makes us the most preferrable choice to order human biospecimens online. The outstanding delivery network of Central BioHub makes the shipping complete within 4-7 business days. It is one of the biggest factors that differentiate us from the market competition. Our quality and consistency of services makes our customers happy and keep retain with Central BioHub. With the growing market trust to our brand, we are proud to have largest availability of standardised biosamples on our website.

Ease of International Ordering & Global Shipping

Our high quality biosamples are the cornerstone of all research. We help in speed up your biomedical innovation with our online biospecimen marketplace. The process of ordering with our website works hassle free and availability of smart web filters gives you all required information about biosamples at the ease of a click. We value and understands our potential customers presence across the world, our services work globally & allow us to accept orders from all the countries.

Multiple Payment Systems

Undoubtedly, Central BioHub is an e-commerce company and we accept local money transfers, card payments and purchase orders against the purchases. Furthermore, we also offer our customers an advantage to pay us after they receive the delivery as invoice options. Our endeavour is to simplify the biospecimens procurement process for the end user.

Scientific Customer Support

The Central BioHub website offers a quick and interactive method to get in touch with the scientific support team. A quick assistance to clarify any sudden doubt or samples certification requirements to resolve the same moment. Our feature of Live Chat, Email, Telephone contact, Social Media chats depict these advantageous services.